Monitoring Evaluation & Learning (MEL)/Management Information Systems (MIS)

DAY-NRLM is process intensive and therefore at various levels, it would constantly review, assess and learn from the qualitative and quantitative progress achieved. The primary objective of NRLM’s MEL/MIS framework is to institute a comprehensive system ofevidence-based decision-making process, of both strategic The MEL components are alsoexpected to facilitate evaluation/assessment of the ‘net’ contribution of


The procurement of goods, civil works, non-consulting services and services will be integral to the implementation of NSRLM at State, District and Sub-District (Block) levels. NSRLM has adopted the DAY-NRLM Procurement manual which sets forth the procurement policies and procedures for the guidance of all personnel involved with procurement responsibilities, with the aim of ensuring

Human Resources

The diversity of the State in terms of socio-geo-political context, represented by 16 different major tribes speaking more than 20 different dialects, is sensitive and challenging, and therefore poverty alleviation programs need to be inclusive in nature covering all Districts. It is in this backdrop that the State Mission ensures that the best human resource

Financial Management

The guiding principle is to use the country fiduciary systems, to the extent feasible and considered satisfactory and meet the essential fiduciary requirements.  NSRLM follows the Financial Year-the year commencing from 1stApril and ending with 31st of March succeeding year. To ensure transparency and accountability, the following is the components and sub-components: FM systems at

Convergence & Partnership

Leveraging access to various entitlements Government of India and State Governments are implementing a wide range of programmes to address different dimensions of poverty and deprivation. Major Government programmes impacting on the poor can broadly be classified as – Entitlements – PDS, MGNREGS, social security, Right to education etc.; Improving quality of life – Health


Enhancing household economy & transforming Lives  Poor have multiple livelihoods as a coping mechanism for survival. The net incomes and employment days from the current livelihoods are not adequate to meet their expenditures.  NSRLM main focus is to stabilize and enhance existing livelihoods portfolio of the poor, in farm and in non-farm sectors, and subsequently

Financial Inclusion

Building Bridge for Access to Financial Services  Experience from large scale projects shows access to finance, at affordable price, for desired amount and customised repayment terms is crucial for poor and vulnerable group of the society, to meet their consumption, exit debt trap and investment in livelihood assets. Thus, NSRLM facilitatesbuilding bridge for universal access

Social Inclusion, Mobilization and Institutions

Harnessing latent potential and helping communities work together towards a transformed society Mobilization of poor to form their ‘own institutions’ is the most important prerequisite and the core investment for large scale poverty reduction. Therefore, NSRLM organizes all poor households into aggregate institutions of the poor that provide them with voice, space and resources. These

Support Structure

Nagaland State Rural Livelihoods Mission (NSRLM) has set up dedicated sensitive support units at the State, District and Sub-District (Rural Development Blocks) levels, to catalyse social mobilization, build institutions, capacities and skills, facilitate financial inclusion and access to financial services, support livelihoods and to promote convergence and partnerships with various programmes and stakeholders. These units


Nagaland Rural Livelihoods Mission (NSRLM) is a registered Society under Society Registration Act, 1860 and Nagaland Societies Registration (Nagaland Third Amendment) Act, 2008 (Act No.1 of 2009), established by the Rural Development Department, Government of Nagaland on 13th September 2012,for implementation of ‘Deendayal Antyodaya Yojana-National Rural Livelihood Mission (DAY-NRLM)’ in the State.   DAY-NRLM is