Mrs. KEWE U WETSAH was born on 20th Oct. 1968 to Late Mr. MECHITSHU KREO from a very poor family in Zapami Village, under Phek District. Her interest in Self Help Group began with the need of her family socio-economic condition and continues to serve her community at various level of community mobilization.

She is the eldest daughter among eight siblings. Her father died when she was in class 2 (two) and she studiedup to class 8 (Eight) standard. Due to the poor economic condition of the family, her mother could not affordher education costs. She discontinued her studies to stay at home and help her mother both in household and in field works. She got married at the age of 22 years to Mr. ZEWETSO WETSAH on 21st December 1989. Her husband works as an attendant at Health Sub-Centre on contractual basis in the village. She have 6 (six) children, out of which 5 (five) are boys and a daughter.Burdened with a big family and family low income, her husband could not support the family. She goesfor daily wage to earn to fulfill the demands of their children in pursuing education. A home maker she was and confined to domestic work, she had no saving habits and no savings to make too.

She desired to find, a way to come out from her present situation, a proper opportunity. In the year 2004 on 4th September, with little knowledge of SHG  she took the initiative to gather 10 (Ten) Women to form a Self Help Group called LIRHU 1 meaning ‘unity’ with the hope of improving the social and economic status of herself and the other women in the village

As her SHG continued to be functional the group came into NRLM fold in the year 2014. The knowledge and nurture provided by the NSRLM encouraged her group to follow the five Principles (Panchasutra). She was able to save more in her and with the monthly saving they start the Group inter-loaning. She was able to get loan from her own Self Help Group andtook her first loan of Rs. 10,000/- and reared two piglets. As the group rotates and loan within the group members, till date she took loan amount of Rs. 1,20,000/- for various purposes such as petty business,  children education, and for cardamom cultivation, Cultivation of  Plum, Tree Tomato, piggery etc. With the loans she could get from her Self Help Group at urgent needs and convenience, her family condition began to improve. She was able to support her Children with two of themGraduated and others studying.The formation of SHG brought the sense of unity, Love and spirit of friendshipwithin their group members. The leadership role on rotation improved the confidence among the members.

From her confinement at home she became a leader in the church in her village. For her interest in the Self Help Group and her role during the community mobilization process, she was elected the president of the VLO (RHUCHE) in her village (Zapami) under Pfutsero Block, District Phek and served her Community. At the end of her interview she also expresses her gratitude to the mission for reaching to her the development of women and the community in general.