The procurement of goods, civil works, non-consulting services and services will be integral to the implementation of NSRLM at State, District and Sub-District (Block) levels. NSRLM has adopted the DAY-NRLM Procurement manual which sets forth the procurement policies and procedures for the guidance of all personnel involved with procurement responsibilities, with the aim of ensuring that programme resources are properly managed and safeguarded. The Manual aims to achieve economy, efficiency and transparency in the implementation of the project, including the procurement of the goods, works and services involved; and ensuring that all eligible bidders are provided the same information and equal opportunity to compete in provision of same.


Under NRLM, federated structures of Self Help Groups (SHGs) will be formed at different levels (village, block, district) for undertaking value chain linked activities in dairy, agri-business and similar enterprises for better production, storage, marketing, etc. of the produce of the members of the SHGs. These groups would undertake procurement of goods, works and services in line with the selected value-added activity. The manual details the principles, processes and methods for community based procurement that project functionaries and community groups shall follow for procurement of goods, works and services.