Mrs.Lhiwekhwe-üMedoBorn on 15th June 1975 to Mrs.Dilhi-ü Ritse and Late Mr.Wetshope Ritsefrom Pfutseromi Village under Pfutsero Block, Phek District. she is the eldestdaughter among the three girl siblings and 4 step brothers and 1 step sister.At a young age she lived with her grandparentsand was taken care by them. She passed class 9th standard but could not complete her 10th standard due to family’s financial status and a large family so stayed back home to take care and help her grandparent both at household works and in paddy field. She would often go to earn wages and at night she would engaged herself in weaving and handicrafts for sale for her daily needs and also support her sibling in their education. She could hardly manage a leisure time for herself nor make friends due to the works she is engaged with at home.

She got married at an age of 19 to Mr. WelhitsüMedo. Her husband work as a carpenter in the village and they have three children(two sons and a daughter).

Her husband an alcoholic would come back home and often createdomestic related problems within the family. She would cryin bed at nights but pretended to be strong to her children, friends and families.Patiently she took her situation positively and worked hard.In order to help her children in pursuing their educations and other family needs, she started some petty business, vegetable cultivations etc.

She was told about Self Help Group by the Church Pastorand suggests her to form SHG. In the year 2001 with 10 other friends they formed a SHG with the name Grace which is now under joy VLO, Pfutseromi Village.She actively participated in all the group activities with the hope of improving her life’s situation.She got the opportunity of serving her group as the first President of the Grace SHG. From the groups saving and IGA profits she took her first loan of Rs 5000 and purchased two piglets and with the profit she tried to increase her family income and manage the family needs. She had taken loan of Rs. 65,000 /- for various purposes such as children education, medical treatments and piggery. The corpus of the group supported her whenever she needed money for her family needs. She also cultivates vegetables to support her family apart from the paddy field.As she works hard patiently, apart from her husband’s income she is able to earn from her Income Generating Activities ranging from Rs. 80,000 /- 1 lakh Per Annum.

Various capacity building trainings on various topics conducted by the NSRLM Mission enhanced her confidence in leadership.The financial support and the moral support from the group and members was her strength.She also got different opportunities from the group to attend various trainings, excursion, and exhibition etc organized by various governmental departments and its agencies. On behalf of the Grace SHG shereceived the best functioning society under Phek district on the occasion of 68th Republic Day celebration on 26th January 2017. She is currently serving as a Women VDB Secretary in her village. Under her leadership and with the support of SHGs members and the community initiatives were taken to create awareness on sanitation through cleanliness drives, helping the needy, planting trees, banned of alcohol etc.

The joy of sharing her life is the results of her eldest son expected to complete Hotel management studies and the other two children are pursuing their Bachelor Degree, her husband completely stopped the use of alcohol and in 2017 he started serving as a youth Director in her village Church.Her hard work benefitted to both the society and her family as .She thanked the Block staff and NSRLM for giving her such opportunities and support.

Born and brought up from a big family, she worked hard, patiently and willingly took responsibilities, believed in the strength of women. She looked forward to help more women like her because she believes it is essential to empower them and also made them aware of their rights through platforms like SHG. We need women at all levels and there isunlimited accomplishments women could accomplish. She also believes that women are the real architects of the society.