Monitoring Evaluation & Learning (MEL)/Management Information Systems (MIS)

DAY-NRLM is process intensive and therefore at various levels, it would constantly review, assess and learn from the qualitative and quantitative progress achieved. The primary objective of NRLM’s MEL/MIS framework is to institute a comprehensive system ofevidence-based decision-making process, of both strategic The MEL components are alsoexpected to facilitate evaluation/assessment of the ‘net’ contribution of


The procurement of goods, civil works, non-consulting services and services will be integral to the implementation of NSRLM at State, District and Sub-District (Block) levels. NSRLM has adopted the DAY-NRLM Procurement manual which sets forth the procurement policies and procedures for the guidance of all personnel involved with procurement responsibilities, with the aim of ensuring

Human Resources

The diversity of the State in terms of socio-geo-political context, represented by 16 different major tribes speaking more than 20 different dialects, is sensitive and challenging, and therefore poverty alleviation programs need to be inclusive in nature covering all Districts. It is in this backdrop that the State Mission ensures that the best human resource