Enhancing household economy & transforming Live: Making local farmers, artisans and entrepreneurs the preferred partner

Nagaland has agro-climatic condition, suitable for agriculture, horticulture, and floriculture practises. Out of the total 1.9 million people in Nagaland, 71.5% accounts for rural population, who are predominantly engaged in Primary Sector, and boast of zero landless peasants. Agriculture has traditionally been and continues to be the prime source of livelihoods. Although rural economy is dependent mainly on agriculture, their revenue also comes from forest (80.49% forest covers of total geographical area), and from indigenous cottage industries such as weaving, bamboo/woodwork, traditional beads jewellery, and pottery.

With an aim to create market linkage platform and link the rural farmers, artisans and entrepreneurs directly to the buyers, the State Mission organizes State Level SARAS Fair and other similar fairs across the State. This provides an opportunity to promote locally grown food and handmade rural products, and facilitates interactions with buyers and significant exposure to urban market avenues. To further bridge the gap between the rural products and buyers, and in-order to boost farm and non-farm rural economy, our SHGs and their Federations can be reached directly through the District Team for bulk orders and purchase.

Promote local. Shop with our SHG farmers, artisans and entrepreneurs. Your support has catalytic impact in the lives of the rural poor, and thereby, will boosts rural economy.


Disclaimer: NSRLM is the promotion and nurturing partner, and will not be involved in the SHGs business transaction in any manner.

Products available in Nagaland

1 Food Grains/ Cereals Rice, Maize, Millet, Jobs tear, Barley




Leguminous Green Pea, Soyabean, French bean, Cluster bean, kidney bean, Cow pea, Winged bean, Groundnut, Tree bean
Non-Leguminous Bottle gourd, Ash gourd, Wax gourd, Ridge gourd, Sponge gourd, Bitter gourd, Chilli, Tomato, Carrot, Egg plant, Pumpkin, Scallion, Okra, Raddish, Colocasia, Colocasia leaf, Chives, Potato, Spring onion, Leek, Solanum anthiopicum, Corriander, Culantro, Chow chow, Clerodendrum, Zanthoxylem, Mustard leave, Sweat potato, Cabbage, Tapioca, Spinach, Yam, Tomarillo, Cherry tomato, Onion, Roselle, Sesame, Lady’s finger.
3 Fruits   Cucumber, Sugarcane, Kiwi, Orange, Lemon, Pamelo, pLitchi, Rambutan, Banana, Jackfruit, Mango, Papaya, Pineapple, Plum, Peach, Tamarind, Guava, Watermelon, Passion fruit, Aonla, Pear, Parsimon, Star fruit, Myrica esculenta.
4 Flowers   Perilla, Succulents/cactus, Gerenium, Orchid, Hydrageas, Gerbera, Bougainvillea, Antherium, Christ throne, Petunia, Marigold, Carnation, Balsam, Zinnia, Celsia, Wool flower, Coreopsis, Gomphrena, Kochia, Euphorpia, Chrysanthemum, Lily, Roses, poinsettia, Boston fern, Tiger fern, Kimberly, Queen fern, Coleus, Christmas flower, jerenia Impatiens, Snake plant, Periwinkle, Gladiolus, Forget-me-not.






Fish/Other Aquatics Eel, Crab, Frog, Prawn, Rohu fish, local fish, freshwater snail.
  Swine, Cattles
Poultry Backyard poultry, Commercial Poultry, Duck,
6 NTFP   Rubber, Tea, Areca nut, Betel leaf, Banana inflorescence, Banana pseudostem, Coffee, Wild apple, Bamboo shoot, Wild mushroom, Oyester mushroom, Grass broom (hard and soft), cane, Wild honey, Fern, Culantro, Myrobalan, Chinese gall.
7 Craft   Aloevera soap, Papaya soap, Bamboo craft, Wooden crafts, Pottery, Traditional ornaments and attires.
8 Processed Food   Ginger candy, Mustard oil, Mango pickle, Bitter gourd pickle, Meat pickle, Raddish Pickle. Naga king chilli pickle, Gooseberry candy, Tree bean piuckle, Wild apple candy, Gooseberry squash, Wild apple squash, Myrica escu;enta jam, Banana chips, Cake, Jaggery, Fermented suyabean, Local wine, Fish pickle and dried fish.


Others Spices Tumeric, Ginger, Large cardamom, King chilli, Pepper,
Medicinal and Aromatic Plant (MAPS) Rhus chinensis, Aloe vera, Mint, Cintella.


Resources of Nagaland Categorized District wise
Food Grains Rice Maize, Millet, Rice Rice, Maize, Millet, Jobs tear Rice , Maize, Millet Maize, rice, maize, pearl millet Rice Rice, Maize, Jobs tear, Rice, Maize, Millet Millet, Maize, Barley Maize, Rice
Vegetables Leguminous Green beans, Winged beans, cow pea Soyabean, kidney bean, french beans Tree bean, groundnut, soyabean Cowpea, Beans, green pea Tree bean Cluster bean, french bean, soyabean, Beans, Beans Kidney beans cowpea, peas, winged beans, groundnut groundnut, tree bean, french bean, cowpea,
Non-Leguminous Bitter groud, wax gourd, bottle gourd, chilli, tomato, carrot, egg plant, cabbage, pumpkin, cucumber, scallion, okra, raddish, colocasia, chives, Potato, Pumpkin, cabbage, chilli Potato, Scallion, chilli, pumpkin, egg plant lady’s finger, bitter gourd, tapioca Colocasia leaf, colocasia, spring onion, leek, pumpkin, solanum aethiopicum, brinjal, chilli, tomato, corrainder, ash gourd, wax gourd, sponge gourd, raddish, chow chow, clerodendrum, zanthoxylem, mustard leaf, potato, sweet potato, tapioca, yam, Zanthoxylem, scallion, chilli, Zanthoxylem, Colocasia, Tapioca, Colocasia Chow chow, solanum aethiopicum,yam, tomarilo, mustard leaf, cabbage, Cabbage, potato, Chilli, Tomato Potato, Cabbage, Yam, Chow chow, Pumpkin, Spinach, Sesame, Egg plant, Chilli Ash gourd, brinjal, bitter gourd, bottle gourd, cherry tomato, chow chow, scallion, sesame, sponge gourd, tomarilo, yam, colocasia, cabbage, cauliflower, Pumpkin, bottle gourd, ash gourd, chow chow, okra, chilli, tomato, potato, solanum aethiopicum, egg plant, mustard leaf, colocasia,
Fruits Litchi, Banana, Jack fruit, Mango, Papaya, Lemon, Pineapple, Plum, Tamarind, Guava, Watermelon Sugarcane, papaya, banana, Plum banana orange, pineapple, guava, jack fruit, pear banana, pineapple, orange, cucumber, Pineapple, orange, pamelo, banana, jackfruit, guava, passion fruit Banana, Papaya, Jackfruit, Cucumber, Mango, Star fruit Kiwi, Banana, Papaya, Orange, sugarcane. Guava, banana, orange, pineapple, apple. Kiwi, pear, peach, jackfruit, papaya, passion fruit, plum Litchi, banana, passion fruit, pineapple, orange, lemon, sugarcane, cucumber Banana, papaya, pamelo, plum, pineapple, litchi, orange, kiwi, passion fruit, aonla, guava, pear
Flowers Succulents, Cactus, Hydrangeas, Bougainvillea, Gerbera, Anthurium, Christ thorn, Petunia, Carnation, Marigold wild orchids Balsam, Zinni, Celosia, Coreopsis, Gomphrena, Kochia, Gerenium, Euphorbia, Hydrangea, Chrysanthemum, lily, rose, marigold, poinsettia, boston fern, kimberly, queen fern, coleus, impatiens rose, geranium, lily, euphorbia, snake plant, succulents, lawn daisy, orchids, anthurium(flamingo flower), periwinkle, forget-me-not, bougainvillea, hyacinth, amaryllis(hippeastrum), coreopsis Anthuriun, gerenium, christmas flower. wild orchid, gerenium Gerenium, Rose Bekonia, Jerenia Wild orchids Gerenium, orchids, roses Gerenium, Poinsettia, Chrysanthemum
livestock Fish/Other Aquatics Fish local fish local fish local fish, crab, frog, prawns local fish local fish, crab, frog fresh water snail Snail, Local fish local fish local fish, eel, crab, frog Rho, prawn, crab
Livestock Swine, Cattles, Silk- worm Swine Wwine, cattle, rabbit commercial poultry and backyard poultry Swine Swine, Mithun Swine Swine Mithun, Swine, Swine Swine
Poultry Backyard poultry and Commercial poultry backyard poultry broiler birds and backyard, duck swine and cattle commercial poultry backyard and commercial poultry Poultry backyard poultry and duck broiler backyard poultry mushroom, bee keeping
NTFP Areca nut, rubber, tea, Bamboo shoots, Mushroom, Grass broom aonla, broom, wild apple, tamarind Mushroom, walnut, grass broom, banana infloresence, banana pseudostem banana inflorenscence, bamboo shoot, fern, broom, aonla, mushroom, myrica esculenta arecanut, banana inflorenscence, broom, bamboo shoot, oyster mushroom broom, bamboo shoot, mushroom, wild honey Bamboo shoots, Banana inflorenscens, Mushroom broom grass, cane broom grass, wild apple, bamboo shoot, wild banana infloresence, fern, wild mushroom coffee, broom grass, wild honey, wild apple, Aonla, bamboo shoot, ferns wild apple, gooseberry candy, chinese gall
Craft Traditional ornaments and attires, knitting, wood carving, basket, Bamboo Crafts Handloom, traditional shawls and wrap around Traditional ornaments, wood carving, bamboo crafts weaving, traditional jewellery, bamboo crafts, wood crafts bamboo mug, bamboo craft, artificial flowers, traditional  and modern jewellery, flower pots, traditional mekhala and shawl, pottery, naga dao hand knit sandals traditional shawl and mekhala, traditional jewellery, bags, bamboo basket, bamboo stool Kurta, Cushion covers, Table runners, Cane Basket, Reuseable cotton sanitary pads bamboo craft, wood craving manure, basket, traditional shawl, waist coat, knitted sweater, muffler, plastic seat, bamboo craft, wood carving, stone carving, blacksmith and pottery pottery, mushroom, weaving, traditional jewelleries weaving, knitting, crochet, bamboo crafts, traditional jewellery
Processed Food Mango pickle, Bitter gourd pickle, Raddish pickle, Naga king  chilli pickle, cake dried wild apple, gooseberry jam, tamarind pickles Chilli pickle, tree bean pickle, meat pickle, gooseberry candy, wild apple candy, wild apple squash, gooseberry squash ginger candy, banana chips, cake, pickles, fruit jam, local fruit juice. banana chips, star fruit juice, pear juice, litchi and mango juice, jaggery, sticky rice cake, pickle. dried chilli, dry bamboo shoot, honey Fermented bamboo shoots banana chips, fruit juice(pomelo, aonla, wild apple and grapes) naga king chilli pickle, ginger candy, jaggery, dried bamboo shoot local wine, meat pickle, fruit jam, aloevera soap, passion fruit juice, papaya soap, ginger candy, ginger ale, tree bean pickle, chilli pickle, fish pickle, dried bamboo shoot. nil
Others Spices Tumeric Ginger, garlic Ginger Ginger, large cardamom, cinnamon, pepper, Ginger, large cardamom, pepper King chilli, Large cardamom, garlic, ginger King chilli, ginger, black sesame ginger, large cardamon Large cardamom Garlic, ginger, large cardamom Large cardamom, ginger, king chilli,
MAPS Medicinal herbs Medicinal herbs Medicinal herbs Medicinal herbs Medicinal herbs Medicinal herbs Medicinal herbs Medicinal herbs medicinal herbs Medicinal herbs Medicinal herbs
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