2 Date of Birth 21 – 11 – 1976
3 Educational Qualification PU
4 Name of Husband MOATOSHI
5 Total Family members 3 (1 daughter, 2 son and spouse)
6 Social background ST
7 Name of village NUKSHIYIM
8 Name of Block Changtongya Block
9 Name of District MOKOKCHUNG
10 Major source of livelihood of the family –          Rearing of pigs

–          Retail sale of petrol

11 Occupation of husband Cultivator
12 Occupation of children Student



  1. SHG Details:
2 Date of joining SHG 13 – 03 – 2011.
3 Leadership position (currently or previously held in the SHG/VLO/BLF) Currently working as

–  Secretary of ALILA SHG

– Executive Member of Indisenden VLO.

4 Details of training received -. Induction training at OMPLIS, AP.

– SHG Book keeping training.

– MCP training at Resource block

– Thematic training at Resource Block.

– Gender training at Resource Block.

– Federation training at Resource Block.

– Concept setting of VLO at Resource block.

5 Exposure visit undertaken within the district and outside the district/State No exposure till date.
6 Services rendered as Resource person – Triggering of NRLM field implementation

in new village/blocks.

– Identify poor Households (HHs) and

vulnerable members of the community.

– Identify existing and defunct SHGs and

bring them under NRLM fold.

– Mobilize targeted HHs for formation of new

SHGs and conduct trainings of SHGs on


7 Honorarium received Honorarium of Rs. 1000/- per day during CRP rounds conducted at Tuli Block, Kobulong Block and Chuchuyimlang Block. Till date, the amount received is Rs. 96,000/-
8 Other engagements (if any) She is a Sunday school teacher at Nukshiyim Baptist Church.








  1. Personal and Family Life before joining SHG.

IMLIMENLA hails from Chungtia village under Mokokchung district and at present she is married to MOATOSHI from Nukshiyim village and has become a bonafide member of NUKSHIYIM village. She is the second eldest among 5 children in her family. She did her schooling at her village. With both parents as farmers and with no alternate source of income, it was difficult making ends meet. After her matriculation from her village, she could study till Pre-University at Mokokchung Town.


  1. Life after marriage but before joining SHG:

As fate would have it, she got married at the age of 22 and presently she and her husband is blessed with one son and one daughter. Even though she happens to be from another village, she was readily welcome at her husband’s village both by her in-laws and the villagers alike. On the other hand, she also was competent enough to adapt to the new family life’s situation. With no regular income for her family, life was indeed faced with lots of difficult circumstances and hardships. At times, she had to take loans from money lenders at higher interest rate to meet her needs. But her positive attitude to life pulls her through all hurdles.


  1. Journey as an SHG member:

It was in the year 2011, she became a member of a SHG called ALILA SHG which was a self initiative of women from her khel mainly for moral support for family issues.. But in 2014 when the staffs from NSRLM Changtongya block visited her village triggering NRLM activities, her life’s struggles and the idea of women with similar burdens can help each other and come out of poverty motivated her to join the NRLM SHG movement. Initially, she was reluctant to take loans from the group with the apprehension of not being able to pay it back in time. But gradually, she started taking small loans from the group savings and undertakes IGAs. Till date she has taken 7 loans from her group amounting to 1,26,000/-. Though such financial assistance with lower interest rate, she started to rear pigs and also ventured out to sell petrol in the village. The return from such IGAs has enabled her to support her children’s education and improved the economic conditions of her family. Seeing her commitment and endeavours to bring about changes both in her life and within the village, the villagers nominated her to be the Internal Community Resource Person from Indisenden VLO. Today, as one of the leader in her village, she continually strives towards an inclusive community where all the women folk are part and parcel of the SHG movement. She is one women who has taken ownership of her responsibilities and opportunities.


  1. Dreams fulfilled and unfulfilled aspirations:

Over the years of her life’s journey, she has grown into a strong woman. Today, with a strong supportive husband and in-laws by her side and her group, she is a living example of one who gets adapted to a different life set up and emersion into it and becoming as one with them. She is now a happy mother of two children who has passed out of their matriculation and undergoing higher studies outside of the State. She hopes that a day will come where both men and women alike, stands with their heads held up, works hand in hand to bring harmony and peace.