TemsulaYaden was born on 17.03.1972 in a small village called Anaki village in Mokokchung District. Her father worked in their ancestral farm land for their daily bread. Being economically unstable, she studied in Government school upto class 10 and thereafter her parents could not manage to let her continue her studies. At the age of 23, she was married to MasabaAo, who is a painter by profession. In search of better life opportunities and better education for their children, they shifted to Indisen village Dimapur. Being a painter, her husband could not earn much. So she decided to form an SHG along with like minded friends from her village. On 12 January 2006 she successfully formed Penzular SHG. Initially it was difficult journey for their SHG as it was completely a new concept for them. They faced a lot of problems even while opening bank account, they also visited various Department in search of financial aids and support. During their visits, Horticulture Department provided them training on Vermi composting and dry flower making, but unfortunately it could not provide them much profit due to various problems like market linkage, branding and packaging.

In 2014, after the intervention of NSRLM in her village, her life started to change. Being an active and smart SHG member she was chosen as an ICRP and she underwent 15 days training at Hyderabad. As a leader she is now confident and she has the will power to work for the community. Now that she is well equipped with knowledge of an SHG, she is selected as General Secretary of Indisen VLO which further helped her get many opportunities to represent her SHG and VLO. Being an ICRP she feels its her responsibility to bring out poor households from poverty.

Apart from their SHG Income Generating Activities, she also stitches clothes as her alternate sustainable livelihood. With the help of SVEP (under NRLM) she received loan of Rs. 60,000/- along with basic training. With the money, she bought electric sewing machine. She has been designing ladies apparels and wedding gown ever since. Her average income is Rs. 10,000/- per month. She is now financially secure and independent.