Name Thrilongla Sangtam
Village Longthonger
Age 45
Cast ST
SHG Zitsa
Block Kiphire Block
District Kiphire

Case study: Smti. Thrilongla Sangtam is from Longthonger Village, the President of Zitsi SHG. She has 5(five) children,three boys and two girls. She joined SHG in the year 2013. Her husband is a missionary. According to her, joining SHG was a boon for her and her family.The reason why is because, the loan received from the group has helped her in sending three of her children to college. Another reason why is because,back in the year 2016, one of her son was seriously ill and during that time of hardship, she spend a huge amount of money for her son’s treatment.However, she also received a lot of financial help from her friends and relatives but the major help she got was from the loan that she received from the SHG.Further, that same year her son fell ill again. On seeing her hardship, the VLO without any interest gave her an amount of Rs. 5000 from the VRF.Further in the year 2017, her husband had stroke and even during that time of hardship she was able to avail the loan that the SHG offered.She tookaloan of Rs 25000/ for her livelihood purpose with this amount she is rearing two pigs which she bought from the loan that she received from SHG.The two pigs that she reared gave birth to 11 and 8 piglets each. The loan she received was able to help her meet her other requirements/needs.Such as, buying furniture to built her kitchen and also helping her parents who live in another village far from where she lives and also sometimes runs a second-hand clothing business and wholesale product. At present she can proudly said that her income is Rs 4000 to 4500 per month.In conclusion, her thoughts on joining the SHG was that, she felt fortunate to be a member of the group as it has helped her family and everyone around in so many ways. She further said that the members of the group had confidence in her because she always repaid the loan on time. She also share her experiences with other people and encourages that her message to the people is that, joining SHG is always a boon because it helps us in uplifting our livelihoood.