Tiarenla was born in a very poor Family; she lost her both parents at the age of 12 when she was in Class 6 (Six). After her parents expired, her grandparents look after her till Class IX only due to financial problem, being from poor family and so she decided to go for a daily wages at the age of 19. After the year she got married in a poor family and born two beautiful kids and there she suffer another problem to manage her two kids like Education, Dressing, Food and also maintenance of her own family. She and her husband have strong determination to go for daily wages.So, they have to work hard in other field for the survival of their family, even working for day long they bothcould earns only 100/- per day that was not enough to look after kids and for their living.Many a times they could not earn their daily wage because of their poor health. Some time they could not manage to give school fees for their children education.


Life was miserable when the kids or her husbandfall ill or got some problem, but by no means she compels to take loan from money lenders at the rate of 10% per month. And that was the most difficult time where they could not repay the amount at fixed period of time. At that point of time, in the village NSRLM department came and started explain about SHG, how to form SHG, after hearing that she joined in one of the selfhelp group in her village her SHGname was Shingshi SHG. After joining SHG she could share her problems and difficulties with her shg members, she consider SHG as  savior in her life, she start saving Rs. 5/- weekly as their internal corpus, their SHG started providing loans to its members with 2% of interest rate. Before SHG she use to take loan with 10% interest but after joining SHG she got loan with only 2%. They opening a bank account on their group name, and after few month seeing the performance of their SHG, the bank started providing loans to their group and she take loan of Rs 20000/from her groupand started a business, day by dayher family life  start changing.


Before joining SHG there was no income, after joining in SHG slowly their Shingshi SHG group developed, till dateshe took 13(thirteen) times loan from her group to avoid poverty life. So lastly shetooktotal Rs.3 (three) lakes loan from groupand opened her own secondhand cloths shop, she even started a business of poultryand at present her income is almost Rs4000 to 5000/- thousand per month. And now she can give goodEducation to her children, and even help others in need, she is now aWoman who can help herself and independent family.


Name                          : Tiarenla

Contact No.               : 8730931954

Age                             : 31

Cast                            : ST

Total Family             : 5

SHG                            : Shangshi SHG

VLO                            : VLO Keor

Block                          : kiphire block

District                       : Kiphire