Vikehieno Zecho is from a poor scheduled tribe and a Christian family in the remote corner of Kezo Basa village, Jakhama block of Kohima district. She has been deprived of her mother’s love at a very young age. Her mother had passed away leaving behind 5 daughters and 3 brothers and their father. Since then, being the eldest in the family she had to take the role of her mother, go to her village school and study and at the same time look after the household chores. She and her father go for wages whenever they get wage labour apart from cultivation of paddy and vegetables and looks after the family. At present, there are 5 siblings in the family along with their 80years old ailing father in the village. Being engaged most of the time at home, she hardly gets time to go out and share, talk with others in the society. With support from the NEPED project in her village she joined Thenukezhie Krotho Self Help Group. SHG has come in as a companion, comforter and her support. Since then, there was no turning back but to be with her SHG.

Name                                      : Ms. VIKEHIENO ZECHO

Age                                         : 42 yrs

Education Qualification        : Class 10

No of family members          : 9 members

Village                                    : Kezo Basa

SHG Name                             : Thenukiezhie Krotho

SHG formed on                     : 29th Dec, 2008

VLO Name                            : Vitho VLO

District                                    : Kohima

State                                        : Nagaland


Her journey with SHG


Her SHG was formed in the year 2008 with 8 members all from her neighbourhood. After joining SHG she got the opportunity to mingle with her friends and neighbours. But their SHG initially did only saving and they hardly meet. Her SHG had opened their SHG account in the year 2009 and for the past 5 years, their SHG was surviving. But with NRLM being introduced and sensitized to all the villagers in the year 2013 at her village, her SHG was also registered under NSRLM. Her SHG now conduct regular meeting, regular saving, inter-loaning amongst the members and proper maintenance of record books. She is also the bookkeeper of her SHG and also assists other SHGs in her village.


All the 8 members in her SHG now has their individual saving bank account. She took up the challenge in educating her SHG members to write their names and signatures. After joining SHG all members are now able to lead prayers, leaders in the group and can lead SHG group meetings.

Being in SHG had helped her emotionally, socially and financially. She has gone through the hardships along with her father to take care and support other siblings. She has also grown in her leadership capacities and at present she is the Secretary of Vitho VLO. It is all because of her SHG support she could face the challenges and be strong in life.

She takes up her individual income generating activity from the loans provided by her SHG where she can easily get accessed to. Her SHG has availed bank loans of Rs. 50,000/-         and got accessed to Rs.  33,000/- Community Investment Fund (CIF) from Vitho VLO and from SHG corpus, she has taken loan of Rs.15,000/-. All total she has taken a loan of Rs.  60,000/- from her SHG. From the loans she is able to assist her sister to set up a small restaurant at Kohima town, look after the studies of her youngest brother who is now teacher, looked after the marriage of her sister and a brother. Apart from the others, she has established her shop in the village and also constructed her residential house in the village.  She also goes for wages and also grows organic vegetables and sugarcane for sale and also grows paddy for consumption at home.

Overcoming constraints and hurdles she goes motivating women in her village and also other villages as Internal Community Resource Person (ICRP). Trained with a group of motivated women at OMPLIS, Andhra Pradesh, she is now confident to help other women also follow her footstep in overcoming poverty and helping families grow socially, emotionally and economically. She not only stay at her Block but also goes to Tseminyu and Chiephobozou blocks to mobilise women into SHG fold and motivates them.