1] Name: VilhousienoKapfo

2] D.O.B:22nd Feb. 1982

3] Gender: Female

4] F/Name: Lt.Wepezu Kapfo

5] Village:SeithekeBasa

6] Name of SHG: Khenu Keze Krotho

7] Date of   joining Shg: Nov 2003.

8] Marital status: Widowed


Vilhouseino was born in a very poor family and her father was a farmer.She could study till 10th standard. Pursuing further study was her dream but she could not continue due to lack of income and support from her family. She got marriedat the age of 15 and her husband was a farmer too.Vilhousieno husband passed away 4years into her marriage in 2001 leaving behind her a widow with 2small sons. To help make ends meet, Vilhousieno started doing daily wages and earned Rs. 150 per day. Unfortunately her elder brother passed away leaving 1 son. Every day was a challenge for her to provide a meal to the children. Again after some few years her father passed away so she has to look after her mother and  children too. She is among the very few who hails from a very poor background. However, her story is equally inspiring and influential.


In the year 2003, she joined SHGwith support from her friends, who motivated her to joined the group. Along with her co-SHG members she also started saving Rs.30 per month. However due to lack of proper facilitation and support the group was defunct.  In the year 2016, the Group revived under NRLM. With the immense support by NRLM deptt. The group also gained self-confident and were eager to learn new traits.Vilhousieno got 5000 loan through their internal corpus with 2% rate of interest for purchasing piglets. She earns her living doing kitchen gardening, poultry,nursery, detergent etc… Currently she’s getting an income of Rs.7000 per month.

Name of the assets Value of assets Income source Monthly/yearly income
2 piglets 14000 piggery 80,000
13 chicks 1000 poultry 2500
30 kit surf 3000 detergent 4000
Dry land Self kitchen gardening and nursery 5000
Total 1,8000 total 19,500



After joining SHG, Vilhousieno received training as ICRP from Orvaalkal, Andhra Pradesh and presently serving as VLO secretary. Under her leadership various social issues has been taken up like inspecting mid-day meal and organizing Swatch Bharat  and visiting elderly people. She took no. of loans to educate her children’s and even taking care of her nephew education.Currently her elder son isin 10th standard and daughter 9th standard. She is now inspiring fellow poor women and vulnerable people and especially widows sharing her own inspirational story and helps them in organizing into Self Help Group.